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The Edit – 06.10.17


We could be waving goodbye to our remote controls. A team of computer scientists at Lancaster University have developed a system that allows users to interact with TV screens using simple gestures and hand movements. The technology is easy to install only requiring a simple webcam and users can synchronise their movements to perform tasks such as changing the channel, adjusting the volume or viewing a menu. Christopher Clarke, team leader on the Matchpoint project said: “Spontaneous spatial coupling is a new approach to gesture control that works by matching movement instead of asking the computer to recognise a specific object.” It seems we’ve found the solution that ends the quest for searching for the remote control forever!


Gartner released its top strategic technology trends for 2018. The usual suspects made the list, such as intelligent things (think: self-driving vehicles, drones and robots), blockchain and bots. But new to 2018’s list of strategic tech trends is Event-Driven Business. In a recent write-up, Gartner used an interesting scenario to bring this idea to life. Imagine a car is involved in an accident, but instead of a witness alerting the relevant authorities, the incident is detected by subscribing software at the city’s emergency service center. Responders are dispatched and nearby hospital emergency rooms, insurance providers, car service stations and other relevant parties are informed and primed for action. This is all about faster, smarter responsiveness….and if it does take off, it has potential for positive social impact too.


This week a lucky few of us headed down to Google’s latest product launch where we got to see the new Pixel 2 alongside other jazzy gadgets (speakers, headphones, laptop) – cue a room full of tech journalists and loads of Instagrammers too cool for us. While of course the Pixel 2 was the star of the show, what really caught our eye was Google’s new ‘Pixel Buds’ – the companies first pair of wireless headphones. Unlike every other pair on the market, these unique ones have Google Translate embedded within so anyone can have a conversation no matter their native language. Looks like we’re no longer lost in translation!


By 2022, hybrid-electric commuter aircrafts could be a thing of reality as a Seattle-based start-up has announced plans to begin selling these futuristic aircrafts. Backed by the venture capital arms of Boeing and JetBlue Airways, the plane is the first of several planned by Zunum Aero. Starting off small, it will only seat up to 12 passengers and will be powered by two electric motors, dramatically reducing the travel time and cost of trips which are under 1,000 miles! Looks like even the skies are going green!

Image for The Edit – 06.10.17
Image for The Edit – 06.10.17
Image for The Edit – 06.10.17