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The Edit – 11.08.17


Bill Burr, author of a landmark guide to passwords, has admitted he regrets several of the tips he provided. Burr had told computer users to change their password every 90 days and to muddle up words by adding capital letters, numbers and symbols. For example, “protected” could become “pr0t3cT3d4!”. However, Burr now thinks that his theory has unravelled. Recent guidelines suggest passwords should be frequently changed, because people usually only make small alterations to their existing passwords, such as “teapot1” to “teapot2”, which are easy to fathom. It has been demonstrated that it takes longer for computers to crack a random mix of words – such as “chair Paris glum pots” – than it does for them to guess a word with easy-to-remember substitutions – such as “Pa$$wor7”. 1ntere$t1n9 eh?


It’s a tricky thing getting the work – life balance right. We all love our jobs but getting the balance right between home and the office is a fine art. Glassdoor,  the anonymous employee review and recruitment site, has released a ranking of the firms it feels offers the best balance to their employees. The list was calculated using employee reviews, judging their work-places by criteria such as flexibility and employee perks. Travel search engine Expedia topped this year’s list due to its strong healthy culture and flexible work life balance.


We hosted its inaugural Beer, Bubbles and Bingo event to raise money for Mind, a charity which provides to support to those experiencing mental health problems. Hosted by our answer to Ant and Dec, Rufus and Robbie, the bingo was a lively, if not a slightly shambolic affair. With a number of exciting prizes to win, including a signed picture of the hosts, portable DVD players and a generously donated Pret gift card, the friendly crowd turned in to a raucous mob. Despite high stakes, friendships were made, victors were cheered and most importantly, money was raised to support a terrific cause. Thank you to everyone who attended and donated!


This week, Facebook revealed plans to move into dedicated video with the launch of Watch – a new platform which will offer a range of TV shows. Pitting itself against traditional channels, as well as our firm favourite YouTube, Watch will be personalised so users can discover shows based on what their friends our watching. Introduced to a limited number of people in the US, it’s unknown whether Facebook will roll out the platform more broadly.

Image for The Edit – 11.08.17
Image for The Edit – 11.08.17
Image for The Edit – 11.08.17