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The Edit – 13.10.17


Nelson Bostock Unlimited towers has been rocked once again by a divisive issue. People have been soul-searching, arguing and even crying. Things may never be the same again. The question we’ve all been asking ourselves: what colour is the shoe? There are many scientific explanations as to why some people think it’s pink and white, and some people think it’s grey and turquoise, but that hasn’t stopped the office from descending into a yuppie version of Lord of the Flies. Check back in next week where there will definitely be a conclusive answer.


In January it was announced that Facebook planned to invest more than $3 billion in virtual reality over the next decade, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg seeing VR as a future IT platform that the social network could really own. This week, Facebook had its annual Oculus conference and it seems this is still very much a goal with a cordless virtual reality headset being unveiled. Nate Mitchell, a co-founder of Oculus said at the conference that the company was aiming to make VR more attainable, and that he believes the demand is very much there. A quick poll of the office reveals that most people are still not quite convinced that they’ll be using VR on a daily basis anytime soon but we will watch this space!


This week we went to Snowdonia in Wales with EE to attend the Red Bull Foxhunt Mountain Bike Event, an all-female downhill mountain biking race. Here EE launched the world’s first commercial use of Helikite ‘air mast’ technology, which was showcased thanks to a 360° live stream over 4G. Juliet Elliott, owner of Bikes’n’Stuff, took us through the turbulent and extremely muddy downhill course – all captured on Facebook Live through EE’s 4G stream. Take a look at the live stream on EE’s Facebook page here.


Facial recognition still seems to be a big talking point – especially with cyber security month well underway! In keeping with this theme, we’re keeping an eye on the latest from China who are reportedly building the world’s most powerful facial recognition system right now. This will aim to identify any of the country’s 1.3 billion citizens in a matter of seconds, and can use it for a wide range of things, like paying for their lunch or opening their door! Cool or creepy? No denying that this kind of technology is pretty amazing but anyone else getting a bit of a Big Brother vibe?

Image for The Edit – 13.10.17
Image for The Edit – 13.10.17
Image for The Edit – 13.10.17