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The Edit 16.06.17

What’s Trending

This week saw the industry’s biggest and best descend on Los Angeles to mark the start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo – better known as E3. From Microsoft to Sony, all the gaming sector’s heavyweights were there to announce the upcoming year’s game releases, hardware launches and firmware updates. While the media debates who put on the best show for developers, fans and professionals alike, the key thing to note is that attendance at this year’s expo was up a whopping 30 per cent, putting the footfall around the space at just shy of 70,000 individuals. One thing’s for sure – whether you’re #TeamNintendo or rooting for Ubi, this year’s E3 was a critical hit!


What’s Caught Our Eye

Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo has thus far stolen the show when it comes to showcasing the intelligence of AI through games. Earlier this week though, Microsoft struck back – its Maluuba AI team achieving a perfect 990,990 score in 80s classic Ms. Pac-Man. Maluuba’s system used a complex reinforcement technique to break the game down into small problems, each assigned to, and ‘solved’ by, a different AI agent, before a ‘senior manager’ agent took an executive decision on where to move. But while heralded as a major achievement by several experts, there are still doubts as to how and where these results can be replicated in real world situations.


One to Watch

Amazon is now staking its claim within the food industry, with news that it will buy Whole Foods Market for an estimated $13.7billion. The move, which will push the company into traditional retailing, appears to be part of a wider drive by Amazon to branch out of the online shopping domain, with the online giant recently announcing it would open its ninth bookstore in California. Reports in the Sunday Times suggest a bookstore in London could soon follow.


What We’ve Been Up To

NB client Apptio hosted its annual TBM European Summit this week, which saw hundreds of CIOs and IT leaders coming together to hear their industry peers talking about imaginative technology. IT leaders from Nationwide Building Society, Maersk Oil, Uber and more discussed how new technologies are shaping the world we live in, and the role of Technology Business Management, or TBM, in this new world. What is TBM I hear you ask? It’s a discipline which helps IT leaders to manage their IT spend and better spend their budgets on important initiatives like digital transformation or improving their cybersecurity strategies.

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