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The Edit – 18.08.17


If you feel afraid of being without a working cell phone – you’re not alone. But a newly published study of South Korean students suggests that we have moved beyond simply feeling anxious by not being able to use our devices. Now, the connection to our devices is more emotional in that people consider their devices an extension of themselves. While Nomophobia isn’t classed as a specific mental disorder, you might be at risk if you’re unable to turn off your phone, obsessively checking it, topping up the battery even when it’s not necessary, and taking your handset into the bathroom. The advice from one expert: turn it off for a while so that you become comfortable with periods of disconnectedness.


The tech media has been awash with iPhone 8 rumours this week triggering the annual rush to be the first to ‘leak’ the potential new features on the new handset. One of the big trending stories featured is that the Touch ID will not feature on the iPhone 8 with Apple potentially going with a facial recognition unlock system similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. Rumours persist around a potential new, vertical camera as well as new colours of course (Blush Gold sounds fancy!) but one of the most exciting rumours is the potential introduction of wireless charging with pictures of wireless charging pads being leaked – it’s been widely reported though that totally Apple won’t totally abandon wires just yet. Whilst this is of course all hearsay at the moment, Apple has certainly caught the attention and imagination of many in the tech world this week.


Today will see the mighty Atletico NBG enter the theatre of dreams once more. Following on from the old boy’s testimonial earlier this year, which proved that experience really does trump youth, the team is facing off against some of the media’s best and brightest talents. Speaking to us exclusively ahead of the match, Atletico captain Daniel Migdal had the following to say “The team’s really up for this one. Apparently they have a semi-professional goal keeper and some marathon runners in the team. We would cumulatively struggle to run a marathon, but I reckon we can handle them. I don’t want us to be arrogant, but we clearly have it in the bag.” Who will win, hacks or PR? Watch this space.


This week several HBO Twitter accounts were hacked, including Game of Thrones and Girls, by hacking group OurMine. The group, who is known for using celebrity internet accounts to advertise their commercial services, posted messages on the compromised accounts around testing security, and advised HBO to upgrade its systems. OurMine fall into an interesting category of hackers, neither digging for crime nor to defend, but instead to show us that nobody is safe. It’s yet another reminder for everyone to not reuse passwords and to have strong security settings to protect their online data. The hack follows the accidental leak by HBO of the newest Game of Thrones episode earlier this week.

Image for The Edit – 18.08.17
Image for The Edit – 18.08.17
Image for The Edit – 18.08.17