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The Edit – 23.06.17

Welcome to the Nelson Bostock Unlimited EDIT, our Friday afternoon newsletter packed with all the weird and wonderful things we’ve discussed, admired and frequented this week.

What We’ve Been Up To

 This week we attended IFSEC International, a trade show focused on all the latest tech in security – queue lots of biometrics and drones! In an interesting panel discussion featuring industry leaders such as Axis Communications and Panasonic, it’s been said video analytics are “oversold and underutilised” but the future for this tech will change as “machine learning and processing power in cameras” increase. Instead of analytics just reviewing the scene after it’s happened, it will soon become intelligent enough to predict behaviour before it happens. Looks like CCTV just got a whole lot smarter!

What’s Caught Our Eye

Netflix has this week launched two interactive children’s TV shows that will allow the audience to determine how the show progresses. The animated shows will ask kids to choose between two potential plots at multiple points throughout the show. Naturally to create these shows it costs significantly more, with the firm saying it costs twice as much. The shows will need to be watched either on smart TVs, game consoles or iOS devices for the youngsters to be able to interact.

One to Watch

After two months in a bitter dispute with Apple, fallen tech star Imagination Technologies has finally decided to put itself up for sale this week. The sale of this British company, which will be difficult to value, will mark the ultimate demise of what could have been one of the biggest rising stars within the European technology sector. The company’s fall from the top was a quick one when it lost 70 percent of its value after being ditched by its biggest customer Apple. However, even without the benefit of hindsight, the question on everyone’s lips to be answered is wasn’t it obvious just how inherently vulnerable they were playing the “Apple Reliance” card? Let’s see how this plays out.

What’s Trending

Spotify’s IPO has been a long time coming and it now seems closer than ever. The company is now valued at around $13 billion and has raised $1.56 billion in funding, with 140 million users. In light of this, the company has announced four new hires to its board, while early investor Sean Parker (of Napster and Facebook notoriety) has now left. The new hires, including ex- Disney, YouTube and Cisco is thought to start shifting the company into the direction it needs to confirm its potential listing which is set for 2018. No doubt, we’ll be hearing a lot more about this nearer the time.

Image for The Edit – 23.06.17
Image for The Edit – 23.06.17
Image for The Edit – 23.06.17