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The Edit – 27.10.17


Google and Cisco Systems are joining forces to service the ever-expanding data storage and machine learning needs of modern businesses, taking on Amazon and Microsoft in the process. The new partnership will make it quick and easy for Cisco customers to move all their data to Google Cloud and help bridge its existing data centre tech. While the cloud landscape won’t change immediately, this move shows Google is serious about it’s cloud business and is willing to take on the big players in the industry. The cloud wars are just beginning!


This week Amazon continued to push the boundaries of how we use technology in our homes launching Amazon Key and giving couriers the power to unlock your front door and leave deliveries in your home. Being said to be core part of the Amazon shopping experience, Amazon Key uses an app to grant access to approved people, with a camera filming them while inside the building. Has the ‘last mile’ delivery problem just been solved or does this overstep the mark? We’re looking forward to seeing how this one plays out.


We’ve been busy getting to grips with the exciting new additions to Google’s range of hardware. One of our favourites is the new and improved Daydream View – all you need is one of several Daydream enabled Android phones and you’ve got an amazing VR experience at your fingertips. We’ve already taken a walk through the woods, fought with hordes of zombies and been diving with turtles… and that was just during lunch!


This week we delved deeper into the uncanny valley, in what’s either an amazing stunt to support Blade Runner 2049, or foreshadowing it. Sophia, created by Hanson Robotics, was given citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It’s not so much dipping a toe into the philosophical debate about AI consciousness, as diving headlong into the water. Compounding that – not only is it controversial to give a robot citizenship, but in a country which has a poor human rights record, it’s rightly prompted big questions – do we now live in an age where robots have more rights than some humans?



Image for The Edit – 27.10.17
Image for The Edit – 27.10.17
Image for The Edit – 27.10.17