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The Edit – 24.03.17

Welcome to the Nelson Bostock Unlimited EDIT, our Friday afternoon newsletter packed with all the weird and wonderful things we’ve discussed, admired and frequented this week.

A number of challenger banks were hit by an outage on Sunday when a company that helps them to process payments was hit by a technical glitch. Customers of Monzo, Loot, Curve and a handful of other fintechs were unable to make payments using their cards from Sunday morning until the early hours of Monday. Unlike when a traditional bank suffers an outage, the fintechs were very proactive in keeping their customers updated. In particular, Monzo has received a lot of praise from customers and the media alike for its hour-by-hour push notifications via the app and responsiveness to customer complaints on social media. Is it time for traditional banks to up their customer service game?

3D printing specialists have managed to build (and even paint) a complete house in just 24 hours! Even by usual 3D printing standards this is an exceptional feat – usually 3D printing a home involves creating the parts off-site, prior to construction. However, Apis Cotr, the company behind the project, has instead used an on-site mobile printer to construct the house at a total cost of just £8,200! Apis Cor founder (and inventor of the mobile printer), Nikita Chen-yun-tai hopes to “automate everything.” and with results like this we could well see that hope become a reality.

Airbus is the latest company to show off what it believes is the future of travel, with its attention-grabbing Pop.Up vehicle unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week. In basic terms a flying car, the Pop.Up features a modular design which means it can be used both on the roads and in the air. While not a reality just yet, Airbus is aiming to have the futuristic drone-like transport within the next ten years. It’s hard to imagine it now but Futurama-esque travel may be closer than we think.

This week saw PR’s best and brightest descend upon Soho’s Century Club in order to celebrate the launch of the 2017 edition of the PRWeek UK Power Book – and of course our esteemed MD, Nick Clark joined in suit. Dubbed as the definitive report on the most influential people in the communications business, PRWeek’s annual Power Book features a compilation of future-gazing predictions and well-informed insights from the industry’s best. Click here to see what our very own, Mr Clark has to say about the future of the sector.

Image for The Edit – 24.03.17
Image for The Edit – 24.03.17
Image for The Edit – 24.03.17