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The Edit – 07.04.17

Welcome to the Nelson Bostock Unlimited EDIT, our Friday afternoon newsletter packed with all the weird and wonderful things we’ve discussed, admired and frequented this week.

Technology has made it even easier to donate to Red Nose Day 2017. Apple has specifically set-up Siri to respond to the words “I want to donate to Comic Relief”, with a quick donation button. If you want to get more creative, Comic Relief has developed a Swear Jar app! Simply select the amount to donate per swear, and the app uses voice recognition software from Google to listen for ten minutes before totalling up your potty mouth pennies. Malcolm Tucker would be proud.


Earth Hour 2017 takes place this week at 8.30pm on Saturday. The WWF’s event aims to raise awareness of global warming by getting people to turn off their lights for one hour to demonstrate their commitment to the future of the Earth’s climate. When you turn off your lights you directly reduce your carbon footprint, when this effect is multiplied many times over it will significantly reduce power consumption. The movement first started in Sydney in 2007 and has spread to 178 countries with the UK first taking part in 2008. This year, landmarks such as Big Ben and the House of Parliament will go dark during the hour.


Reports emerged this week suggesting that Apple is exploring the idea of turning your iPhone into a “brain” that powers a MacBook-like device. The new patent features a MacBook with a recess to house a mobile device. It comes with two different illustrations for how this would conveniently work for phones and tablets! You can peek at your future here.


Last night we popped along to the PRCA’s “Future of Tech Journalism” event to find out from the likes of David McClelland, Marc Ambasna-Jones, Lee Bell, Verity Burns, and Tereza Pultarova if they think the future of tech journalism is freelancing. Despite some tough topics, the consensus was rather positive. More journalists are choosing to go freelance to progress their careers and write about things they’re passionate about. We’ll be blogging about the ups and downs of the industry going freelance and what we need to know to work better with them. Keep an eye out.

Image for The Edit – 07.04.17
Image for The Edit – 07.04.17
Image for The Edit – 07.04.17