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Winning Minds for Good: Why it’s time we start talking about mental health


Opening up in an interview with The Telegraph this week, Prince Harry became the latest public figure to speak out about their mental health experiences, admitting that he “shut down all his emotions” following the loss of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997.

Finally addressing his grief 20 years on, his recent appearance on Bryony Gordon’s Mad World podcast has thrust the taboo subject back into the media spotlight. Everyone from comedian David Walliams to the Prime Minister has shared an opinion on it, praising Prince Harry for breaking down the stigma around seeking help.

According to recent studies, mental health issues affect a large proportion of the nation. In fact, a new report from the Office of National Statistics states that up to a quarter of young women in the UK have suffered from anxiety and depression in their lifetimes. And what’s more, when it comes to talking about the issue, figures from YouGov confirm that men are less likely to discuss mental health, despite the majority (83%) finding talking about the topic helpful.

We think the Royals are doing a great job in joining the mental health conversation (Prince William has even enlisted the help of Lady Gaga via FaceTime – pretty cool), and here at NB we’ve also been thinking about how we can give back to the community and, more importantly, how we can use our Winning Minds for good.

To help promote the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing, we’ve created our Winning Minds for Good program partnering with leading mental health charity, Mind. Alongside its work to offer advice and support to thousands experiencing mental health problems across the UK, Mind campaigns to improve services, raise awareness and encourage social interaction around the wider issue of wellbeing. With its ultimate ambition being “support and respect for everyone”, Mind really values people – which is why it’s the perfect fit for us.

We have a wide range of initiatives lined up. This includes fundraising with our recent Grand National sweepstake and a hotly-anticipated Bubbles and Bingo night – we’re using our award-winning culture to raise money the fun way, creating a calendar of events for across the year and giving all the proceeds straight back to Mind.

Keep an eye on our blog for the inside track on what we’ve got coming up!

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