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PR & Love Island – a match made in heaven?

It’s over. Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani Dyer has won Love Island, along with her beau Jack, with over 4.1 million viewers tuning into the finale.

The parade of arguments, tears and heartbreak captured the nation this year, even to the extent that the Conservative Party launched an ill-fated attempt to sign up young members through giving away free Love Island water bottles.

Piggybacking off pop culture is nothing new, and done well it can work for brands, but it’s easy to get wrong. Working with our client Criteo, we used online sales data to establish the extent to which UK shoppers were flocking online during and immediately after the show to get their hands on the outfits featured.

With sales rising by 103% and browsing by as much as 224% in some cases, it was clear that coupling up with Love Island viewers should have been a no-brainer for fashion retailers. Any marketer with their finger on the nation’s pulse should’ve been an avid viewer.

The story landed on page three of the Evening Standard the day after the final – timely story, interesting stats, no water bottles needed.

See the article for yourself here