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The perks of being a PR intern

When you’re in primary school and everyone’s sat round in a circle, answering the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, I doubt that many tousle-haired five-year-olds pipe up with, “I want to work in B2B tech PR!”

I didn’t. I wanted to be a nurse, then a vet, then a novelist, then a travel writer. And yet somehow, I found myself interning at a B2B tech PR agency as my first foray into the world of work.

Throughout your childhood, into your teens and even when you’re at university, there just isn’t that much conversation around what jobs are actually available. It never crossed my mind that this is where I’d end up – not least because after university, I left to travel for close to two years, working as a freelance journalist and copywriter in the travel niche, alongside polishing glasses in a bar when I had to.

Before I came to work at Nelson Bostock Unlimited, I’d never really worked in an office before. I’d never much thought about PR as a career. Nobody who’d ever met me would have thought, “I know where she’s going to end up – she’s going to end up pitching in stories on innovation in cloud-based APIs to ComputerWeekly.”

But as it turns out, this job suits me more than even I realised it would.

The only way to find this out, though, is to try it and see – to intern.

I quickly realised that I enjoyed the variety of working in PR: building relationships with a range of different people, drafting media pitches and writing up killer bylines to persuade publications to feature our clients. I love how sociable it is, and how the main criteria for success isn’t where you went to school or what your parents do, but your ability to adapt.
The bottom line is, you need to develop skills where you can and see where best suits you to apply them. For me, it was running a travel blog that honed my writing skills and gave me a window into content promotion and social media.

As long as you’re curious, motivated and open to a career path that you might not have expected, you don’t need to worry about finding a great job. Often, the great job will present itself to you.